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Zombies at the SMS gates.

Grizzlies Versus Zombies (At Costco)?

We asked 200 Grizzly Students and Staff  the following questions: How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? How long would you survive? Here's what we learned about Grizzlies versus Zombies. Leonardo...

Seeing double at SMS after a storm in early 2023.

Hurriquake 2023, Part 2 – A Historic Event! Where were our Grizzlies?

All Staff, Grizzly Gazette August 23, 2023

PART 2 - PERSONAL STORIES When we got back to campus, we took some time on Tuesday to catch up with SMS Grizzlies and ask them about their Hurriquake experiences. Here's what we learned! Question: ...

Wind and rain at SMS in 2023.

Hurriquake 2023, Part 1 – Tropical Storm Hilary Facts: What really happened?

All Staff, The Grizzly Gazette August 23, 2023

PART 1 - FACTS FIRST A hurricane is a type of storm that has heavy rain and winds of over 74 miles per hour (mph). Hurricane Hilary was at her strongest on Friday, August 18 when it was a Category 4...

Yoga with Ms. Perrigue.

Namaste Wednesdays Encourage Wellness

Diego Duran, Staff Reporter June 6, 2023

This week I got to interview Ms. Perrigue, one of the founders of Yoga Wednesday. Yoga Wednesdays happens in our homerooms through Zoom.  Q: Why did you start doing yoga? A: I started because...

2023 Yearbook Answer

2023 Yearbook Answer

Mikaela Rauda Orellana, Staff Reporter June 5, 2023

The total number of pawprints in "Grizzly Tracks, Volume 1: Anything But Ordinary": 537 Here is a breakdown of pawprints by page: Page 1: 0 Page 2: 0 Page 3: 12 Page 4: 1 Page 5: 1 ...

Joke of the Week #04

Joke of the Week #04

Randy Laney, Staff Writer June 1, 2023

Why didn’t the middle school basketball player go on summer vacation?He was scared of traveling.

Grizzly Tracks, Volume 1: Anything But Ordinary has an extraordinary secret.

Interactive Yearbook? What?! (Shh. It’s a Secret.)

The Grizzly Gazette Staff May 31, 2023
As hinted in a previous GG article, this year's yearbook has a secret.
Submit your original artwork for a chance to win prizes.

Gift Cards for Winning Artists

Melany Miranda, Staff Reporter May 24, 2023

Beyond the Bell afterschool program is sponsoring an Art Contest this Friday, May 26th. Students can draw, paint, or sculpt any subject that they choose so long as it's school appropriate. Anyone can...

Newells students take a break from their nature walk near the L.A. River.

L.A. River Calls to 7th Graders

We built a lot of concrete for that river and now the water doesn't go into the ground so we’re deprived of water. - Ms. Newell
8th Grade Events Survival List

8th Grade Events Survival List

Melany Miranda and Karyme Murillo Alvarez May 15, 2023

Even if you're not an 8th grader, you have probably noticed the many activities leading up to Culmination. We ran around to Mr. Acevedo, 8th grade counselor, and Assistant Principal Mr. Press to get the...

Students, Parents, and Coaches after the 5K run on Sunday, May 9, 2023 at Boyle Heights.

SRLA Ends Season on Runner’s High

This interview is about SRLA's Final Run last weekend. I asked one of their coaches, History teacher Mr. Torres, some questions about what it was like. Question: What was SRLA’s final run like...

Our Academic Pentathlon Team at the awards ceremony on May 6.

Victory is Sweet for Academic Pentathletes

All in all, we got 3 bronze, 5 silvers, 4 golds, and a trophy.  - Ms. Roth
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