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The Grizzly Gazette

The Grizzly Gazette

Students Take Over Six Flags!

Students Take Over Six Flags!

Mia Valdez Arellano and Valentina Vazquez June 4, 2024

As all of you guys may know, the eighth graders went to Six Flags for Grad Nite. I decided to interview some eighth graders about their experience. Question: What was the best part of grad nite?   Alani...

SMS students create Cuentos de Hadas in Ms. Farges Spanish class.

This Spring, Spanish Class is a Fairy Tale

Arissai Padilla, Staff Writer May 28, 2024

Ms. Farge is the Spanish teacher here at SMS. Some of her students spent this semester writing and illustrating a book for their final project. Here is what we found out. Question: What is the book...

How many Grizzly Tracks can you find in the 2024 Yearbook?

2024 Yearbook Answer

Jonathan Rodriguez, Staff Writer May 22, 2024

The total number of pawprints in "Grizzly Tracks, Volume 2: Beyond Words": 468 Here is a breakdown of pawprints by page: Page 1: 0 Page 2: 2 Page 3: 0 Page 4: 2 Page 5: 2 Page 6:...

Congratulations to the SMS Class of 2024!!!

Class of 2024 Event Survival List

Victor Ortiz Guevara, Staff Writer May 17, 2024

Even if you’re not an 8th grader, you have probably noticed the many activities leading up to Culmination. I got the list together that will help you remember and survive 8th grade Culmination. May...

Little alien asks, Who is your leader?

Wonderful World of Weird

Aiden De Marcos-Hernandez, Staff Writer May 14, 2024

Enter the wonderful world of Grizzly weirdness. Don't overthink it. Just relax and enjoy. First Weird Question: If you got teleported into the world of Minecraft how would you deal with a Creeper? Margarita...

Mr. Estrada teaches ELA 8 and Advanced ELD.

English Teacher Brings Sci-fi and Anime Culture to SMS

Jonathan Rodriguez, Staff Writer May 13, 2024

As many of you know, Mr. Estrada is an 8th grade English teacher at Sepulveda Middle School and I decided to ask him a few interesting questions. Question: What made you decide to be a teacher? ...

This image of Darth Vader was generated by A.I.

Joke of the Week #9

Randy Laney May 13, 2024

  Why did Darth Vader need to go to the Dermatologist?               He had Star Warts.

Tea ... not spilled.

Joke of the Week #8

Randy Laney May 6, 2024

What kind of tea is hard to swallow?             Reality.

A sneak peak at a portion of the 2024 yearbook cover.

A Yearbook that’s “Beyond Words”

Lana Dela Cruz, Staff Writer May 6, 2024

Sometimes just a simple photograph can communicate so many things and express our emotions. The 32 students in Ms. Vivado’s Yearbook / Journalism class chose “Beyond Words” as the theme for the...

A painting of Noahs Ark at Night.

Joke of the Week #7

Randy Laney May 1, 2024

How did Noah sail his Ark at night?                   Flood Lights.

Good Mooooooorning, Sepulveda!

Joke of the Week #6

Randy Laney April 29, 2024

What do you call a cow with only two legs?            Lean beef.

This is not Seth Rogen. We do not have the license for his image. However, we do have this nice open mic for you to enjoy. (You can Google him if you need to.)

Seth and Randy Stalk Seth

Randy Laney and Seth Paras April 23, 2024

Did you notice the film crew that took over our P.E. area last Thursday? Yes, so did we. Seth and I decided to investigate. The date was April 18, 2024 at Sepulveda Middle School when suddenly our...

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