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  • 7 Days until 8th Grade "Grad Nite"!
  • Friday's schedule is 1, 3, 5, 7.
  • TODAY is Friday, May 17, 2024.

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The Grizzly Gazette

The Grizzly Gazette

Congratulations to the SMS Class of 2024!!!

Class of 2024 Event Survival List

Victor Ortiz Guevara, Staff Writer May 17, 2024

Even if you’re not an 8th grader, you have probably noticed the many activities leading up to Culmination. I got the list together that will help you remember and survive 8th grade Culmination. May...

Little alien asks, Who is your leader?

Wonderful World of Weird

Aiden De Marcos-Hernandez, Staff Writer May 14, 2024

Enter the wonderful world of Grizzly weirdness. Don't overthink it. Just relax and enjoy. First Weird Question: If you got teleported into the world of Minecraft how would you deal with a Creeper? Margarita...

Mr. Chris is super popular with students.

Random Revelations with Mr. Chris

Diego Pinon, Staff Writer May 13, 2024

Mr. Chris Martinez joined the SMS Security Staff back during the 2022 - 2023 school year. Since then, Mr. Chris has become one of the most popular adults on campus. He has even been voted as one of the...

This image of Darth Vader was generated by A.I.

Joke of the Week #9

Randy Laney May 13, 2024

  Why did Darth Vader need to go to the Dermatologist?               He had Star Warts.

Tea ... not spilled.

Joke of the Week #8

Randy Laney May 6, 2024

What kind of tea is hard to swallow?             Reality.

A painting of Noahs Ark at Night.

Joke of the Week #7

Randy Laney May 1, 2024

How did Noah sail his Ark at night?                   Flood Lights.

Good Mooooooorning, Sepulveda!

Joke of the Week #6

Randy Laney April 29, 2024

What do you call a cow with only two legs?            Lean beef.

Joke of the Week #05

Joke of the Week #05

Randy Laney, Editor-in-Chief, Grizzly Tracks April 17, 2024

How did police catch the thief that robbed an Apple Store?           There was an iWitness.

Seeing double at SMS after a storm in early 2023.

Hurriquake 2023, Part 2 – A Historic Event! Where were our Grizzlies?

All Staff, Grizzly Gazette August 23, 2023

PART 2 - PERSONAL STORIES When we got back to campus, we took some time on Tuesday to catch up with SMS Grizzlies and ask them about their Hurriquake experiences. Here's what we learned! Question: ...

Wind and rain at SMS in 2023.

Hurriquake 2023, Part 1 – Tropical Storm Hilary Facts: What really happened?

All Staff, The Grizzly Gazette August 23, 2023

PART 1 - FACTS FIRST A hurricane is a type of storm that has heavy rain and winds of over 74 miles per hour (mph). Hurricane Hilary was at her strongest on Friday, August 18 when it was a Category 4...

Newells students take a break from their nature walk near the L.A. River.

L.A. River Calls to 7th Graders

We built a lot of concrete for that river and now the water doesn't go into the ground so we’re deprived of water. - Ms. Newell
Anything But Ordinary is the theme of the 2022 - 2023 SMS yearbook.

“Anything But Ordinary” Yearbook

Mariah Garcia-Garcia and Randy Laney May 4, 2023
“Opening our yearbook will be like opening a time capsule."
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