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Skate Culture at SMS, Part 2

One year after Part 1, have skating trends shifted?
A year ago, Diego Duran and I wrote an article about SMS skate culture for the Grizzly Gazette. It became the most popular article on the whole site. Over the past weeks, I have interviewed some more skaters as Part II of our investigation of skate culture at SMS. This time, I spoke with Noah Biticon, Angel Zuniga, Jesus Espinoza, and Nicko Cunan. Here’s what they have shared.

Question: What is your favorite skate movie?

N.B:  “My favorite skate movie is Street Dreams because of the main character, Paul Rodriguez”.

A.Z:Street Dreams because it’s more real than the other ones”.

J.E: “My favorite movie is North Hollywood because it is cool and funny”.

N.C:Street Dreams. Definitely.”


Question: What is your favorite skate trick?

N.B:  “A Fakie Tre”.

A.Z: “My favorite skate trick is a Kickflip”.

J.E: “A Nollie Double Kickflip”.

N.C: “My favorite trick is an Impossible”.


Question: What is your best skate trick?

N.B: “My best skate trick is also a Fakie Tre”.

A.Z: “A Kickflip”.

J.E: “My best skate trick is Fakie Shuv”.

N.C: “My best trick is an Ollie”.


Question: What skate deck do you use?

N.B: “A Girl deck.”

A.Z: “I use a Primitive deck.”

J.E: “I use a Girl deck I got on sale.”

N.C: “A Decoder deck.”


Question: What size deck do you use?

N.B: “Size 8.25.”

A.Z: “Same. A size 8.25.”

J.E: “Size 7.75.”

N.C: “I use a size 7.75.”

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Wayne Dela Cruz
Wayne Dela Cruz, Staff Reporter
Wayne is a student at Sepulveda Middle School. He is a 7th grader.

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