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Mr. Dominique Wants You To Reach Your Full Potential

(And join a sports team in high school, too.)
Arissai Padilla
Mr. Dominique is a PE teacher here at SMS.

Question: What sports did you play in middle school and high school?

Answer: In high school and middle school I played football and soccer.

Q: Do you think PE is a good way to teach other subjects?

A: PE is absolutely a good way to teach other subjects. Using angles like in math, sports terms for science and English, even discussing historic sports figures and events which is history. 

Q:  The kids who don’t dress for PE, what are they missing out on?

A: Kids that do not dress are missing out on their full potential to really be involved and find out what they can achieve physically.

Q:  What sport would you want to go pro in? 

A: If I could go pro in one sport it would be soccer.

Q: What do you think about your homeroom?

A: My homeroom is amazing. 

Q: If you were not a PE teacher what subject would you teach?

A: If I was not a PE teacher I would love to be a history teacher. I have always been fascinated with history.

Q:  What is some advice for students entering high school PE programs?

A: If I could give advice to students entering high school about PE it would be to try and play on a sports team in high school. It is a great way to meet new people and fulfill your PE requirements.


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