Yoga Teacher, “AVID Mother”, and Superstar at SMS

Ms. Perrigue Rocks Sepulveda Middle School
Ms. Perrigue, the star of  Yoga Wednesday
Ms. Perrigue, the star of “Yoga Wednesday”
Ms. Kathryn Perrigue, age 29, is an English teacher, Yoga instructor, and of course an eighth-grade AVID mother. Ms. Perrigue has been teaching at Sepulveda Middle School for 23 years – since 2001! Many of her students had many nice things to say about her in a brief interview discussion.
Ms. Perrigue’s Barbie doll gifted by a student

PART I – Student Opinion

Mario Ayala (8th grade AVID student)

Question: How long have you known Ms. Perrigue?

Answer: I have known her for two years.

Q: What is one thing you like about Ms. Perrigue?

A: She gives us freedom and is lenient.


Alani Medina (8th grade A.V.I.D Student)

Q: How long have you known Ms. Perrigue?

A: Two years.

Q: What’s one thing you like about Ms. Perrigue?

A: She is my best friend because she matches my energy.

Q: On a scale from one through ten, how much do you rate Ms. Perrigue in general?

A: 11 because she’s like another mom to me.

PART II – The Person

In this section, we are going to be getting into Ms. Perrigue’s life journey from the time she first started her educational journey to now. As I delve into Ms. Kathryn Perrigue’s journey, I find myself truly inspired by her dedication and passion for education. Her commitment to her students and profession is evident in her 23-year-long tenure at Sepulveda Middle School, where she has touched the lives of countless students. I am honored to share her story and to celebrate her achievements.


Ms. Perrigue was born and raised in the Pasadena area, located in the state of California. As a child, she had a great passion for dance and art. However, as she grew older, her interests shifted towards leadership and community involvement.

During her junior high school years, Ms. Perrigue was elected as the ASB President, a role that allowed her to develop her leadership skills and engage with her fellow students. In high school, Ms. Perrigue landed her first job at the Lucky Duck Toys store, where she gained valuable experience in customer service and sales (and selling toys).

Ms. Perrigue graduated from California State University, Northridge, where she honed her English and education skills, pursuing a career as an English teacher. Her passion for teaching was driven by a desire to make all her students feel comfortable in the classroom and to encourage them to participate in class discussions. Having been someone who was always nervous to speak up in class, Ms. Perrigue made it her mission to create a welcoming environment where students could learn and grow.

Outside of teaching, Ms. Perrigue has a deep love for yoga. She practices and teaches yoga almost every day, and it has become a significant part of her life. She also teaches it on her infamous “Yoga Wednesdays” at Sepulveda Middle School on… you guessed it, Wednesdays!

Ms. Perrigue (right) with her daughter Ember.
Ms. Perrigue and her adorable dog Yogi.








The most significant joy in Ms. Perrigue’s life is her daughter, Ember, who is now 22 years old. She also enjoys spending her time walking Yogi, her adorable dog whom she got at the same time she was getting her yoga certification.


After being part of the Sepulveda Middle School community entering her third decade now, Ms. Perrigue is grateful for the opportunity to positively impact many lives. Her dedication to teaching and her passion for creating a nurturing environment for her students have made her an invaluable member of the school community.

PART III – One-on-one with the Legend

I sat down with Ms. Perrigue ( the star of this article).

Q: How is your Sepulveda Middle School Experience?

A: “I absolutely love it. It is my second home and my second family. I literally spent half of my life here.”

Q: What’s your favorite memory here at Sepulveda?

A: My favorite memory here is doing yoga with the entire school.

Ms. Perrigue is a highly admired teacher who has garnered a significant following. On her birthday, one of her students expressed their admiration by gifting her a Barbie doll resembling Ms. Perrigue. This thoughtful gesture is a testament to the positive impact she has on her students.

Ms Perrigue fan art (Mikaela Rauda Orellana)
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