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The Quad Smelled Like Meat!

The HABIT Food Truck is Prize for Winning 7th Graders
Jonathan Rodriguez
Hamburger and cheeseburger combos were available at The Habit food truck on May 24th.
Eighth graders, Sabina and Emelly, visited the Quad last week to check out the big food truck prize waiting for the Seventh Grade Residential students. This article is about what the rest of us missed.

When the lunch bell rang and we walked out of Period 6 on Friday, May 24, one thing was clear – The Habit had arrived. The whole quad smelled like meat, burgers actually, and fries too. It instantly made us hungry.

A food truck had been hinted at for several months. They kept saying the food truck was coming. For a while we didn’t know what restaurant it would be from. The biggest question was, “Who would win the food truck? Who would win The Habit?”

a seventh grader lines up to get lunch from The Habit. (Sabina Mora)

We did SBAC testing in May. SBAC became the competition. Who was going to be best behaved during SBAC testing? At first the Resident Eighth Graders were winning, but after the week of SBAC Math testing, it was the Resident Seventh Graders who took the big prize.

Last Friday, 219 seventh graders were dismissed from Period 6 43-minutes early. They got in a long line on the utility road, where The Habit food truck was parked and ready. One at a time, students went to the truck and chose a combo of either hamburger or cheeseburger with fries and a drink.

Seventh graders received an extra 40-minutes for lunch and great food! (Emelly Perlera-Menjivar)

Mr. Press said that this event “took over three months to plan” and that it happened “because of Mr. Ortega’s guidance.” He also added that “Ms. Heather got everything ready for everyone.”

The seventh graders looked very happy and mostly they were just eating and eating the food.

So, congratulations to the Resident Seventh Graders who won the special lunch event! (We all wish it was us.)

Editor’s Note: Though samples of the food and drink were requested by our hungry reporters, those requests were denied by Admin. No eighth grader benefited during the production of this news piece.

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Sabina Mora
Sabina Mora, Opinions Editor
My name is Sabina but I'd rather be called Bina. I'm in 8th grade in SMS.
Emelly Perlera-Menjivar
Emelly Perlera-Menjivar, Breaking News Editor
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez, Staff Writer
Jonathan Rodriguez is a 7th grader at SMS. He is obsessed with wombats.

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