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The Grizzly Gazette

The Grizzly Gazette

Ms. Perrigue, the star of  Yoga Wednesday

Yoga Teacher, “AVID Mother”, and Superstar at SMS

Randy Laney and Mikaela Rauda Orellana June 4, 2024

Ms. Kathryn Perrigue, age 29, is an English teacher, Yoga instructor, and of course an eighth-grade AVID mother. Ms. Perrigue has been teaching at Sepulveda Middle School for 23 years - since 2001! Many...

A Day In The Life... Part 2

A Day In The Life… Part 2

Abraham Ramirez and Mauricio Servin May 24, 2024

A day in the life of… Mrs. Vitalis is the Kinesiology English teacher here at Sepulveda.   Question: At what time do you wake up to come to school  Answer: I wake up at 5am.   Q:...

Mr. Chris is super popular with students.

Random Revelations with Mr. Chris

Diego Pinon, Staff Writer May 13, 2024

Mr. Chris Martinez joined the SMS Security Staff back during the 2022 - 2023 school year. Since then, Mr. Chris has become one of the most popular adults on campus. He has even been voted as one of the...

Mr. Estrada teaches ELA 8 and Advanced ELD.

English Teacher Brings Sci-fi and Anime Culture to SMS

Jonathan Rodriguez, Staff Writer May 13, 2024

As many of you know, Mr. Estrada is an 8th grade English teacher at Sepulveda Middle School and I decided to ask him a few interesting questions. Question: What made you decide to be a teacher? ...

Random Revelations with Dean Dobrowski

Random Revelations with Dean Dobrowski

Arissai Padilla, Staff Writer April 25, 2024

Grizzly Gazette Staffer, Ari Padilla, recently caught up with Dean, Mr. Dobrowski, to ask him a few very random questions. Question: What's your opinion on students getting detention?    Dobrowski:...

A Day in the Life ... Part 1

A Day in the Life … Part 1

Abraham Ramirez and Mauricio Servin April 22, 2024

A day in the life of ...         “Mr. Josh” Donaldson, a long-term substitute teacher here at SMS.          Question: At what time do you wake up to come to school? Answer:  I...

Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders.

What Are We Afraid Of?

So, what are we afraid of, Sepulveda? Staff writers asked a bunch of Grizzlies to find out. These are some of our most common fears and phobias.   Fear of Spiders - Arachnophobia Nahomi...

Zombies at the SMS gates.

Grizzlies Versus Zombies (At Costco)?

We asked 200 Grizzly Students and Staff  the following questions: How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? How long would you survive? Here's what we learned about Grizzlies versus Zombies. Leonardo...

Mr. Mac had a tummy ache?

Ask a Grizzly: Excuses, excuses!

Yuri Rodriguez, Staff Writer April 21, 2023

I spent time with our hilarious Grizzly Staff and asked them each the following question: What's the most creative thing you have ever said to get out of work? Here's what they shared. Mr. Paul says...

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