Interactive Yearbook? What?! (Shh. It’s a Secret.)

Last page of “Grizzly Tracks” offers game element to traditional yearbook.


“Grizzly Tracks, Volume 1: Anything But Ordinary” has an extraordinary secret.

The 2022 – 2023 Sepulveda Middle School yearbook, Grizzly Tracks: Volume 1, was officially released to presale buyers on May 26th. Currently, the book can be purchased in the SMS Student Store for $40 until it sells out.

Students are enjoying looking through the 1,500+ photographs in the yearbook’s 88 full-color pages. They are having fun signing and trading nice messages in the yearbook with their friends and teachers. The yearbook is helping them lock in memories of the 2022 – 2023 school year. But is that all the yearbook has to offer?

As hinted in a previous GG article, this year’s yearbook has a secret. If you look on page 88, the last page of the book, at the very bottom, there is a tiny message. It’s an interactive game, a challenge for our SMS community! The message states:

“Grizzly Tracks, Volume 1: Anything But Ordinary” contains many, many actual grizzly tracks. Can you find them all? To check your answer, go to and search for “2023 Yearbook Answer.”

Well, we here at The Grizzly Gazette already KNOW the answer, mainly because we also produced the yearbook. To find out for yourself, visit us anytime on or after June 2, 2023 when the answer will be published on this news site by our own staff writer, Mikaela Rauda.