Namaste Wednesdays Encourage Wellness

Yoga sessions in homeroom are led by SMS English teacher, Ms. Perrigue.


F. Diaz

Yoga with Ms. Perrigue.

This week I got to interview Ms. Perrigue, one of the founders of Yoga Wednesday. Yoga Wednesdays

Ms. Perrigue shows the “tree pose”. (Diego Duran)

happens in our homerooms through Zoom. 

Q: Why did you start doing yoga?

A: I started because it looked like a way to manage stress be peaceful and stay healthy.

Q: Who had the idea to start Yoga Wednesday at SMS?
A:  I would say it was a joint effort between the wellness team, Mr. Ortega, and myself.

Q: Do you think yoga is helping students?

A: I think it is already helping students I have students coming up to me all the time telling me how it’s helped them, saying “Namaste”. It’s been great.

Q: What is your favorite yoga pose?
A: My favorite yoga pose is “tree pose” because it represents growth and focus.