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Grizzlies Versus Zombies (At Costco)?

How would you survive a Zombie Apocalypse? How long would you last?
Zombies at the SMS gates.

We asked 200 Grizzly Students and Staff  the following questions: How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? How long would you survive? Here’s what we learned about Grizzlies versus Zombies.

Leonardo Velasco, seventh grader: “I would last five minutes because I don’t know how to hide.”

Andrew Luis, sixth grader: “I’d hide behind a tree and I’d last ten minutes.”

Maria Aguire, eighth grader: “I would lock the door and sleep the whole day. I would last 65 years.”

Peter Lee, eighth grader: “I would survive by hiding at Costco and I’d last about a week.”

Ms. Perrigue, teacher: “I think I would last forever because I am strong and I do yoga. I would survive by doing yoga and have the zombies under a spell and do yoga poses together.”

Julissa Alvarez, seventh grader: “I would survive five secs. I would act dead and when they come near me I would run and then get killed away.”

Maya Cifuentes, seventh grader: “I’d sacrafice people and steal Nerf Guns. I’ll never die, only of old age.”

Mr. Crews, teacher: “I would last 3-7 days. I will last until I run out of food and water.”

Mr. Crews is a music-loving zombie.

Mauricio Servin, seventh grader: “I would probally survive by going to a millitary base. I would survive until the bullets run out.”

Mr. Galan, school psychologist: “We would hide in a panic room and have enough food and supplies for my family. I would probably last six months in the panic room.”

Ms. Heather, office staff: “I would last five minutes. I’m not a surviver. I’m a goner.”

Mrs. Powers, counselor: “I think I would survive by teaming up with resourceful people like hunters, doctors, agriculturists, and strong women and men. I hope I would last the first two years and I think I have a good chance to survive.”

Mr. Aguinaga, teacher: ” I would make tunnels and make traps to kill the zombies that try to come in my tunnels. I think I would survive two months.”

Jonathan Pias, seventh grader: “I would eat everyone and live in a school bus.”

Jesus Santiago, eighth grader: “I’ll die the first second.”

Ms. Sharon, security: “I would save my own life and last 10 years. I would put up a fight to keep living. I would also practice on fasting so I wouldn’t need a lot of supplies. I would just need fruits, vegtables and fruit water (not regular water) to stay more healthy.”

Mr. Acevedo, counselor: “I would survive by running fast and going to live on a island … because zombies can’t swim, right?”

Mr.Hansen, teacher:”I would take over a Costco because of the metal gates and food. I will be the last man standing.”

Sepulveda Zombies – Students and Staff!

Ms. Geffre, teacher: “I would buy all the food and I would last until the food runs out.”

Mario Aydlo, eighth grader: “I would just go back to hunting and gathering times.”

Terrence Alvarez, seventh grader: “One second because I will kiss all the zombies.”

Ruby Ortega, eighth grader: “I would last like two days because I’m gonna get tired of running away.”

Mr. Dominique, teacher: “I would hide in a Walmart with food and entertainment. I would last until they find a cure.”

Abi Dshah, sixth grader: “I would go into a tall building and survive for a month.”

Randy Laney, eighth grader: “I would filter beach water and last a month.”

Ms. Lubetich, teacher: “I would hide behind a really strong man and last about a week.”

Mr. Press, assistant principle: “I would move north and survive with my agricultural skills. I would last 89 years.”

Mr. Camacho, teacher: “With an axe. I’d last ten minutes.”

Itzel Reyas, eighth grader: “I would team up with my friends and collect resources.”

Zombie Zimmer down!

Omar Bautista, eighth grader: “I’d say I could last a good month if I’m lucky. I would wear long clothes and I would try to go to a musem.”

Mr.Torres, teacher: “I’d last maybe a year and I would grow my own food.”

Ms. Vitalis, teacher: “I would hide under a desk and last two days.”

Ms. Crow, teacher librarian: “I would survive a zombie apocalypse by going to Costco with my family and friends. We would lock ourselves in, and we would have everything we need and survive. I hope we would outlast the zombies by hiding inside Costco, probably over a year.”

Ms. Newell, teacher: “I would last zero secs. I would have to survive with the smart and strong people.”

Miss Nicole, admissions staff: “I would get an RV and take it to Costco to get supplies like water, food, emergency supplies a generator, and solar panel, and then drive east midwest where it is empty and hope for the best. I won’t last long because I’d probably just lay there.”

David Dobrowski, intervention coordinator: “I’d only survive two days because I’m old and wouldn’t make it,”

Undead Dobrowski walks!

Ms. Douglas, staff: “Rewatch Zombieland.

Xedina Gonzalez, eighth grader: “Lock myself in a room with snacks.”

Ms. Daisy, staff: “That question requires a lot of thinking, playing dead I guess.”

Kathrine Vasquez, eighth grade: ”I wouldn’t even survive. I would be in the corner crying.”

Samantha Torres, eighth grader: “I would survive for an hour because I’d be with Kathrine crying in a corner.”

Luis Santos, seventh grader: “I would last three days … because I’m fast.”

Seth Paras, eighth grader: ” I’d last one second because I’d honestly give in and let them bite me because being a zombie doesn’t sound too bad.”

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