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What Are We Afraid Of?

Honest talk about fears and phobias at SMS.
Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders.

So, what are we afraid of, Sepulveda? Staff writers asked a bunch of Grizzlies to find out. These are some of our most common fears and phobias.


Fear of Spiders – Arachnophobia

Nahomi Martinez, eighth grader: “Spiders because they’re creepy.”

Stella Flores, seventh grader: “I’m afraid of spiders, that’s my phobia.”

Katherine Vasques, eighth grader: “My phobia is Arachnophobia, a.k.a. fear of spiders.”

Donna Tabares, eighth grade: “Spiders because they are creepy and creep me out.”

Genesis Sanchez, seventh grader: “I’m scared of spiders.”

Jesus Rico, seventh grader: “I am afraid of spiders.”

Mr.Chris, security: “Spider bites.”

Mrs. Ramirez, counselor: “I have a fear of spiders, also known as Arachnophobia.”


Fear of Heights – Acrophobia

Acrophobia is the fear of heights. (Pixabay)

Ms.Adams, teacher: “I don’t have a phobia but I’m afraid of heights.”

Mr. Zimmer, teacher: “I am afraid of heights because I don’t want to fall or die.”

Ms. Perrigue, teacher: “I am afraid of falling / heights because I feel like I’m going to hurt myself.”

Ms. Lubetich, teacher: “I’m afraid of snakes and heights.

Emily Rodriguez, eighth grader: “I don’t really have a phobia but I am scared of heights.”

Frankie Carranza, seventh grader: “I am afraid of heights.” 



Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes. (Pixabay)

Fear of Snakes – Ophidiophobia

Ms.Kumagai, teacher: “I don’t like snakes because they’re disgusting.”

Mr. Dominique, teacher: “Fear of snakes. Would you rather be in a room full of spiders or snakes?”

Ms. Crow, teacher librarian: “I am afraid of snakes.”

Jose Mora, seventh grader: “Snakes! I am afraid of snakes.” 


Fear of Clowns – Coulrophobia

Julissa Alvarez, seventh grader: “I’m afraid of clowns because they are scary and I don’t like the makeup that they have.”

Daphne Hernandez, eighth grader:  “I’m  afraid of spiders and clowns because they freak me out “

Rayne Coleman, eighth grader: “Clowns!”

Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns. (Pixabay)


Fear of Tight Spaces – Claustrophobia

Nyla Hortan, eighth grader: “I’m scared of being in really small spaces.”

Jayden Gorrochotegui, seventh grader: “I am REALLY scared of really tight places, the kind of places you can’t even breathe.”

Adriana Parra, eighth grader: “I have claustrophobia. Claustrophobia is the fear of tight spaces.”


Fear of the Dark – Nyctophobia

Melanny Gonzales, eighth grader: “Dark hallways and anywhere dark.”

Mr. Jimenez, teacher: “My phobia is the dark because this one time when I was little my Tia put me in this dark room and locked the doors andI have asthma and ever since I’ve been scared.”

Makayla Buenrrostro, eighth grader: “I’m scared of the dark because I tend to watch a lot of scary movies.”

Da’ lonna Pridgett, seventh grader: “My phobia is dark places. I hate it and am scared of dark rooms.”

Thalassophobia is fear of deep water. (Pixabay)

Fear of Deep Water – Thalassophobia

Salvador llerenas, sixth grader: “I’m afraid of the sea.”

Ashley Cruz, eighth grader:  “ I fear deep ocean.”


Fear of Tiny Holes – Trypophobia

Allison Ramirez, eighth grader: “I have a fear of holes also known as trypophobia.”

Angie Benanco, eighth grader: “I am afraid of little holes.”

Alejandra Terrazas, seventh grade: “I am afraid of a lot of tiny holes.”

Ms. Delgadillo, teacher: “I am afraid of holes – trypophobia – because they just freak me out.”



Trypophobia is the fear of tiny holes. (Pixabay)

Fear of Death – Thanatophobia

Demian Vinmarsm, school police: “I’m afraid of death.”

Samantha Torres, eighth grader: “I’m scared of dying alone.”

David Dobrowski, intervention coordinator: “I have a phobia of dying.”

Mr. Camacho, teacher: “I am afraid of DEATH.”

Thanatophobia is the fear of death.




Other Fears and Phobias

Jaden Lawson, seventh grader: “I am scared of cockroaches because some can fly and I once touched one on accident.” (Katsaridaphobia)

Alex Monroy, eighth grader: “I have a fear of roller coasters also known as veloxrotaphobia.” (Veloxrotaphobia)

Brandon Rodriguez, seventh grader: “I am afraid of getting bad grades.” (Atychiphobia)

Mrs. Lapham,teacher: “I’m scared of dalmatians.”

Itzel Reyes, eighth grader: “I’m scared of being forgotten and alone, aka Autophobia.”

Julian Carabantes, seventh grader: “I’m scared of my mom.”

Mr. Duran said: “I am afraid of falling.” (Baslophobia)

Israel Perez, eighth grader: “I’m scared of Lana  because she hits too hard.”

Editor’s Note: If you or someone you know suffers from a debilitating phobia, help is available. Talking to a counselor or other trusted adult can be the first step towards feeling better. You are not alone.

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