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The Macs: A Sepulveda Love Story

The Macs
Mr. and Mrs Mac had a Korean wedding back in 2000.

It all started in August of 1998, in the days before school started at Sepulveda Middle School. That’s when Mr. and Mrs. Mc Elhaney (or as we call them, Mac) met for the first time. 

The Macs had two weddings in 2000.

The first time Mrs. Mac ever saw Mr. Mac was when they were introduced by her mentor teacher. It wasn’t love at first sight but rather more like a friendship at first sight. She thought Mr. Mac seemed like a very nice guy.  The first time they really talked was when Mr. Mac went to his future wife’s classroom to see if she needed help. 

They started out as friends but as time passed, Mr. Mac started to feel something more for her. As he said, “We started out as friends, we worked together, and then I started to like her and asked her out for a couple dates.” Mrs. Mac enjoyed the date explaining, “It was fun, we had a few conversations in which he made me laugh a lot.” This date happened in a place known as Thai-Barbeque.   

The Macs coming together.

After that, they became more than friends. They got married on June 24, 2000. In fact, they married two times because of their different cultures. One ceremony was a traditional American wedding, while the other one was a Korean wedding.  Later on, they had a daughter who is 20 years old as of today.  

For them, it feels good to work together at Sepulveda Middle School. They may not see each other that often due to their different job positions, but everytime they have the chance, that’s when they can start talking. Mr. Mac and Mrs. Mac both have a lot of things they like to do together on campus. They

Happily married for 23 years … and counting.

both explained,  “ We go to dinner together on ‘Back to School Nights’. We love accompanying each other to the Staff Winter Luncheon, and we also enjoy getting to school early for morning walks together on the track.”  Currently Mr Mac serves as the seventh grade counselor while Mrs Mac works as a math and science teacher. Both love their jobs and live happily together.

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