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Superstars, Nails, Gap, and 501s.

Spring 2024 Fashion Trends
G. Vivado
Adidas Superstar shoes, worn here by Andrew Gonzalez, are popular at SMS this Spring.

Some fashion  trends at SMS that have been going around this year are 501’s,  Pro Clubs, acrylic nails, Gap sweaters, and Adidas Superstars. Let’s

A seventh grader wears Pro Club and Adidas. (M. Osorio)

learn more about these trends.

501’s are more popular with the boys. It’s  what they all wear. They have been trending  since last  school year.  “They look good with anything and are comfortable,” according to eighth grader Christopher Collin.  Eighth grader Addam Levi De Hoyos  says, “ 501s are popular too because they are baggy.”

Pro Club still is the most popular brand  at our school although  it is against the dress code. People still wear  it. A lot of people at SMS think they should not be against the dress code. (Editor’s Note: See our dress code article, coming soon.)

Seventh grader Jasmin Avila wears Gap.

 Another popular fashion trend is Gap sweaters. The colors that are worn most are gray, dark blue, and red .  “I like Gap sweaters because they come in different colors and are very soft,” says Abril Hernandez, seventh grader.  Another seventh grader, Jasmin Avlia, thinks the same adding that “Gap sweaters are  very trending right now in school and they look so good with leggings.”   

Next is Adidas Superstar shoes. I’m pretty sure you have seen people wear them,  including me. These shoes are famous.  Julian Hernadez says, “They are comfortable and the color goes good with anything, but their prices have gone up due to everyone getting them.”  Lionel  Arredondo, eighth grader  says, “Superstar Adidas have been around for a while; they look good especially  with Pro Club sweatpants.”  

Eighth grader Abril Hernandez shows off her acrylic nails.

Lastly, let’s talk about acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are popular everywhere now, not only at SMS. “Acrylic nails  look so good and last one month which is a lot,”  says Brianna Alexandra, eighth grader.  Emelly Perlera-Menjivar  agrees  but adds that “Acrylic nails are cute but they could be pricey. It also depends on your nail tech.” At SMS we have two great nail techs, Abril Hernandez and Rachel Lopez,  both with graders. They are very respected. 

Well, to sum it up, these are the fashion trends at Sepulveda Middle School in the Spring of 2024. 

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