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English Teacher Brings Sci-fi and Anime Culture to SMS

Mr. Estrada has a unique perspective on school and fiction.
Jonathan Rodriguez
Mr. Estrada teaches ELA 8 and Advanced ELD.

As many of you know, Mr. Estrada is an 8th grade English teacher at Sepulveda Middle School and I decided to ask him a few interesting questions.

Question: What made you decide to be a teacher?                           


What made me decide to be a teacher was my love for stories and for all the English teachers I had in school.


Question: What do you think about SMS students?

Answer: I think the majority of them are very bright however, some are challenging but most of them are fun.


Mr. Estrada’s “Kamen Rider” card collection. (Jonathan Rodriguez)



Question: What’s better: Kamen Rider or Power Rangers?

Answer: Kamen Rider absolutely.


Question: How were you in Middle school and High school?

Answer: I was a quiet kid, fairly good grades and number one student in Cross Country (racing).


Mr. Estrada’s Journal. (Jonathan Rodriguez)

Question: What is special about being a younger teacher?

Answer: I can reach out to veteran teachers for information, knowledge and advice for teaching.


Question: What college did you go to?

Answer: I went to Aurora University in Illinois, went for Cross Country and became #3 overall 10k runner.                                                                                         

Mr. Estrada and his dad, Mr. Estrada, showing off Star Wars props that they made themselves. (Estrada Family Archive)


Question: What’s your favorite movie?

Answer: Back To The Future is my overall favorite movie.


Question: Do you watch anime? What’s your favorite?


Answer: Yes I love anime, my favorite is Hajime No Ippo.


Question: What’s the story you’re writing about?


Answer: In summary, a young boy receives ancient powers to defend the world from a tyrannical doctor.

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Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez, Staff Writer
Jonathan Rodriguez is a 7th grader at SMS. He is obsessed with wombats.

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