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Random Revelations with Dean Dobrowski

An “Ask a Grizzly” Special Edition
Ari Padilla

Grizzly Gazette Staffer, Ari Padilla, recently caught up with Dean, Mr. Dobrowski, to ask him a few very random questions.

Question: What’s your opinion on students getting detention? 


Dobrowski: It’s all up to the teacher. The teacher emails me that the students have detention and I just give them detention, so I don’t really have an opinion.


Q: If you were a ghost and could haunt anyone from our school, who would you haunt?

A: Mr. Ortega.


Q: What’s a funny memory from your childhood that you like telling?

A: So when I was in fifth grade, I got a girl a Valentine’s candy. I was so embarrassed that I hid it in the wall of my house and it melted. I gave the girl melted chocolate because it had gone three or four days just sitting there.


Q: If you were an animal, what animal would you be? 

A: I would be a tiger because I feel like they’re powerful and run fast.


Q: Why do you look mean but, when people get to know you, you’re nice? 

A: Because if I come across as being too nice, people will take advantage of me.

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