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Wonderful World of Weird

Weird Questions and Weirder Answers
Little alien asks, “Who is your leader?”

Enter the wonderful world of Grizzly weirdness. Don’t overthink it. Just relax and enjoy.

First Weird Question: If you got teleported into the world of Minecraft how would you deal with a Creeper?

Margarita Munoz, eighth grader: “Make it explode with all the other Creepers.”

Abel Parra, eighth grader: “Eat it.”

Jonathan Rodriguez, seventh grader: “I would tie him with a rope so that he can’t explode.”

Terrence Alvarez, seventh grader: “Hot girl creeper  mod.”


Second Werid Question: If you were an alien, what would you eat?

Margarita: “Unicorns like that one episode of Gravity Falls.”

 Abel: “I’d eat street food.”

Jonathan:  “Strawberry-scented clear glue sticks.”

Terrence: “Beep boop bop beep.”

If you walk a carrot …. Wait! What?!?! (Pixabay)

Next Weird Question: Aliens land on earth and ask who is your leader?

Margarita: “Me, myself and I.”

 Abel: “Joe Biden.”

Jonathan:  “The aliens.”

Terrence: “I would say that I just landed here too.”


Last Weird Question: If you walk a carrot, do you walk it on the wall or feed it to a bunny? 

Margarita: “Throw the carrot, eat the wall.”

 Abel: “Feed the carrot to the bunny.”

Jonathan: “I’m out.”

Terrence: “Bunny wall carrot.”

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