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This Spring, Spanish Class is a Fairy Tale

Farge’s students publish book “Cuento de Hadas” as a class project
Alejandra Terrazas-Terrazas
SMS students create “Cuentos de Hadas” in Ms. Farge’s Spanish class.

Ms. Farge is the Spanish teacher here at SMS. Some of her students spent this semester writing and illustrating a book for their final project. Here is what we found out.

Question: What is the book called?

Ms. Farge: “The title of the book is ‘Cuentos de Hadas’ because it is a collection of stories about fairies.” 


Q: Why was writing a book important?

Ms. Farge, Spanish teacher: The book is about creative writing in Spanish. They learned to practice the writing process in Spanish and how to write a fairy tale. They also practiced writing in the future tense and the perfect tense in Spanish. 

Student work is laid out before being sent to the printer. (Alejandra Terrazas-Terrazas)

Q: What are some learning strategies your students used?

Ms. Farge: “We used AVID, WICOR,  and STEAM strategies. We also used graphic organizers such as bubble maps to organize ideas.”


Q: How long did it take to finish the book?

Ms. Farge: “The book took about four weeks to finish.

Question: How do you feel about writing the book? 


Margarita Munoz, eighth grader:  “I enjoyed it because I got to write the book.”

Szac Ceballos, eighth grader: “I felt good and I had to think a lot .”

Amy Martinez, eighth grader: “I felt good about it.” 

Kayla Salinas, eighth grader: “It was very exciting and proud of this journey.”

Leonardo Castillo, eighth grader: “I feel very accomplished and very proud.”

Alejandra Terrazas-Terrazas

Axel Cruz, eighth grader: “It felt good.:                



Question: What was it like to make a book in Spanish class?


Margarita: “It was interesting because I got to learn new things.”

Amy: “It was fun to make it.”

Layla: “I had a good experience  and I liked improving my Spanish writing.” 

Leonardo: “It was a long process but I found it productive.” 


Question: What part did you do?


Margarita: “I illustrated some of the drawings.”

Szac: “I wrote part of the book and traced.”

Leonardo: “In the book I did the writing.”

Ryan: “I did the drawings.”

Alejandra Terrazas-Terrazas

Question: What was your favorite part of writing the book?


Kayla: “The best part was having an opportunity to write this book.”

Axel: “My favorite part was drawing.”

Margarita: “My favorite part was writing the book because it was fun.”

Amy: “My favorite part was working with my friends and making something great.”

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