Ask a Grizzly: Excuses, excuses!

What’s the most creative thing you have ever said to get out of work?

Mr. Mac had a tummy ache?


Mr. Mac had a tummy ache?

Yuri Rodriguez, Staff Writer

I spent time with our hilarious Grizzly Staff and asked them each the following question: What’s the most creative thing you have ever said to get out of work? Here’s what they shared.

Mr. Paul says he’s sick most of the time. 

Mr. Ortega said Mexico was playing on tv. 

Mr. Vinarsky said his car was only moving backwards.

Ms. Jackie said she got stuck in Las Vegas. 

Ms. Nicole said that she didn’t have an engine in her car. 

Ms. Dana said her daughter was having a baby.

Ms. Carol said Starbucks had run out of coffee.

Mr. Zimmer is a good listener? (Staff)

Mr. Zimmer said his wife told him to stay home. 

Mr. Dominic said his dog ran away so he had to chase his dog. 

Ms. Vannessa said her dog attacked the Amazon guy.

Ms. Angela said her dog ran out and she needed to find him. 

Ms. Powers said there’s a big accident and can’t get through. 

Ms. Erika said she couldn’t start her car because her engine had been frozen. 

Mr. Mac said that he had a stomach ache but he didn’t have a stomach ache. 

Mr. Acevedo said that his light signals or blinkers didn’t work.

Ms. Sharon said that’s something she’s never done. (And I can appreciate that.)

As suspected, Ms. Sharon is perfect. (Staff)

Editor’s Note: This segment is intended for humor purposes only. (We don’t want anyone getting in trouble with Mr. Ortega!)