Cyberbullying Is Wrong


Cyberbullying is the use of social media and other digital platforms to bully a person, usually by sending mean or threatening messages to them. Cyberbullying is something that a person does to hurt others, even intimidate them. Cyberbullies mess with people mostly online. If it is in person it is considered bullying.

A lot of students find that cyberbullying is dumb and useless. They think that the bullies have a personal reason to even pick on others such as their own problems at home or maybe the used to have a bully and are now becoming the bully to feel better about themselves. Others think that cyberbullies do it to impress friends or other peers. This is wrong because no one should do something mean or bad to impress friends.

SMS counselor, Mr. Acevedo, helps students overcome cyberbullying. (Ximena Ontiveros)

Cyberbullying hurts many people but a way to prevent it is to either block the bully, report it, or delete the app or website on which it is occurring. “Block them if they are texting you and get screenshots as proof,” says eighth grade counselor, Mr. Acevedo. Another strategy is to stay away from social media and other devices. Social media influences a lot of people. Victims of cyberbullying should report it to an adult or peer that is trusted. Seventh grade counselor, Ms. Orozco suggests journaling to feel better, visit the Wellness Center on campus, or “join a new club to meet new people and connect with counselors.” Mr. Acevedo adds that a student who has been cyberbullied should “find people such as friends or family that can support and reassure you after being cyberbullied.”

If you ever get cyberbullied and need help, contact a trustable  adult.