Armenian Genocide: A Day of Remembrance

Why was SMS closed on April 24th?


 This week we got Monday off from school and I got to research and write about the new Armenian Genocide Holiday this is what I learned.

The Armenian Genocide, sometimes called the first genocide in the twentieth century, was the physical annihilation of Armenian Christian people living in the Ottoman Empire from Spring 1915 through Autumn 1916.

The Armenian Genocide a sad and tragic event that was decided to be turned into a holiday by the LAUSD School Board Members for the remembrance of those who passed away from it. April 24th was already a public holiday in Armenia for people to grieve and remember. On Oct, 6, 2020 the Board of Education voted to add the new holiday to future school calendars so families across Los Angeles Unified School District can observe and remember the start of the genocide that killed 1.5 million Armenians.

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