Room 20 Wellness Center is Now Open

Students find support and comfort in new SMS facility.

The Wellness Center is open every day at Lunch and during Nutrition.

The Wellness Center is open every day at Lunch and during Nutrition.

SMS has a new Wellness Center that is open during Nutrition and Lunch, Monday through Friday in Room 20. I sat down with our SMS Wellness Team, Mrs. Lira, Mr. Vinarsky, and Mrs. Jacome, to find out more about what the Wellness Center is and how it can help students at our school.

Question: What is the purpose of the Wellness Center?

Mrs. Lira: The purpose of the Wellness Center is to provide a safe space for the students during Nutrition, lunch, and sometimes during classes and

Visit the Wellness Center anytime in May. (Wayne Dela Cruz, Jr.)

various points throughout the day. It is  a place to relax, a place to self sooth and self regulate, also a place to learn. It is a place to find out more about social emotion wellness and mental health. But I think the main purpose of the wellness center is a brave space, safe space on campus that students can come to relax and also to receive support.

Mr. Vinarsky: The purpose of the Wellness Center is for students to have a place where they can socialize with each other in a quieter environment and also if they need time by themselves during class, to kind of feel better getting rid of anxiety or a type of thing that’s bothering them mentally and talk to one of the adults that’s on campus.

Mrs. Jacome: The purpose of the Wellness Center is for students to have a place to go to if they need distraction, if they need a break from the rest of the students, or if they just need a mental health space if they need space.


Question: Who is the wellness center for?

Mrs. Lira: The Wellness Center is for students 6th, 7th, 8th grade students that feel like they need support and need a brave space and a relaxing space, and we welcome all students to come and check out the Wellness Center.

The Wellness Center is in Room 20. (Wayne Dela Cruz, Jr.)

Question: Where is it located?

Mrs. Jacome: It is located in room 20.

Mrs. Lira: It’s right across from the quad the grass area and the stage and right in the middle of the campus. It’s a really cool space. We got couches and cool tables and it’s just comfy cozy and in room 20.


Question: When is it open?

Mr. Vinarsky: It is open during lunch.

Ms. Perrigue doing relaxing yoga in the Wellness Center. (Diego Duran)

Mrs. Lira: The Wellness Center was soft-launched, opened in April but now in May –  the Mental Awareness Month –  we are going to have more activities and things happening in the Wellness Center. Next school year (2023-2024) is the first year that the Wellness Center will be open all year long.


Question: What would you like SMS students to know about the Wellness Center?

Mr. Vinarsky: That’s it’s a fun place with games and stuff in there. I if they need it during class, they could get taken there by an adult, probably their counselor or somebody else on the Wellness Team.

Mrs. Lira: I would love SMS students to come check it out and to give it a try because, like I said, it’s a safe space, it’s a brave space and it’s not anything weird. We would really like students to give it a chance and check it out and see what we’re all about for yourself.

Ms. Jacome: That the Wellness Center is honestly a place where you can go and relax and just enjoy.