“Anything But Ordinary” Yearbook

Grizzly Tracks, Volume 1 – Last Presale is May 8 – 15.


“Anything But Ordinary” is the theme of the 2022 – 2023 SMS yearbook.

Middle School is a time in our lives when we start to discover who we are and what makes us unique.

It’s for this reason that the Sepulveda Middle School Yearbook Staff chose “Anything But Ordinary” as the theme for this year’s book.

Yearbook students learning how to design yearbook pages back in October 2022. (D. Wah)

For many of us, middle school is a time when we strive to be anything but ordinary. Whether it’s through our fashion choices, our hobbies, or our academic achievements, we all have something that sets us apart from our peers. Some of us may be natural born leaders, while others may be more introverted and prefer to work behind the scenes. Whatever it is that makes us unique, middle school is the perfect time to embrace ourselves, and let our true selves shine through. Our yearbook will reflect what makes us extraordinary.

Just like everything else in the yearbook, the theme “Anything But Ordinary” was selected by the 55 students in the Period 6 Yearbook / Journalism class. “I feel that this theme has set the tone for this school year because this school year has been anything but ordinary so it really just amplifies what this year has been all about,” comments Assistant Principal Mr. Press. Yearbook Staffer and eighth grader Abril Cejudo adds, “This yearbook of ours is unique because I feel that it is different from other yearbooks so far, with the color scheme, fonts, and designs.”

Co-Editors-In-Chief of Grizzly Tracks, Volume 1, Alondra Deaquino and Melany Miranda. (Staff Photographer)

Co-Editors-In-Chief, Alondra Deaquino and Melany Miranda, made sure that every page of this year’s yearbook reflects the theme. “There’s even some fun surprises hidden in the yearbook this year, but you’ve got to look close for them. There’s even a big hint on the last page,” said Deaquino. Miranda added, “The staff of our yearbook have done a great job and that’s really good for everyone. There’s 88 pages and a custom cover and everyone added their own designs to their pages and other sorts of crazy things. We are excited to see it. Very soon.”

Seventh grader, Randy Laney, a lead photographer and Photo Editor for the yearbook, probably expressed it best, saying, “Opening our yearbook will be like opening a time capsule. Its a chance to relive moments and memories that made this school year so special, and to see how far we weve come since then.” Definitely an “Anything But Ordinary” … year.

Yearbooks can be purchased online for ONE WEEK ONLY, May 8 – 15, for $35. Follow the link at the Sepulveda Middle School website. A limited number of yearbooks will be available for purchase in the Student Store in June 2023 for $40.