Skate Culture at SMS


Skate culture thrives both in and outside of our school.

This week we got to interview some skaters at SMS, eighth graders Lawrence Boone (LB) and David Velasquez (DV), and seventh grader Szac Ceballos (SC).  We asked them each five questions. Here’s what they shared.


Question: What you got into skating?

Derek Figueroa and William Choto are part of the SMS skate culture.

LB: My older brother has been skating for almost 2 decades and he got me into it.

DV:  I skate for the baddies.

SC: My friend persuaded me to start.


Question: What do you think about skating?

LB: Skating is fire.

DV: It’s easy.

SC: It’s fun but hard.


Question: What do you think about skate culture?

LB:  It’s sick and it’s hard. The style is cool.

DV: It’s cool.

SC: All the skaters are nice.


Question: What tricks can you do?

LB: I can ollie, shove-it, backside 180, and frontside 180.

DV: Some tricks I can do are an ollie and a varial heelflip.

SC: I can kick flip, heelflip, ollie, and frontside 180.


Question: What board do you ride?

LB: I ride a Primitive deck with Independent trucks.

DV: I like to ride a Krooked board.

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