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Seth and Randy Stalk Seth

Seth Rogen’s “The Studio” tv show comes to SMS.
This is not Seth Rogen. We do not have the license for his image. However, we do have this nice open mic for you to enjoy. (You can Google him if you need to.)

Did you notice the film crew that took over our P.E. area last Thursday? Yes, so did we. Seth and I decided to investigate.

The date was April 18, 2024 at Sepulveda Middle School when suddenly our P.E. area was closed to us.  Bubka Transportation of Los Angeles had rolled in multiple trucks and trailers. Movie actor, Seth Rogen’s production company, Point Grey Pictures, along with Lionsgate Television, made

This is not a Bubka Transportation production Trailer. Those were much nicer.

arrangements with LAUSD to film a new television series on our campus on Thursday the 18th and Friday the 19th (although they didn’t use it on Friday). The new show is titled “The Studio” featuring Seth Rogen. The series began filming in March 2024 and will be available on Apple TV+ in the future.

This is not Apple TV+. This is just an apple-colored tv.

When Seth (Paras) and I interviewed Principal Ortega, he told us about how the production team got approval through LAUSD. Ortega explains, “It doesn’t go through me, it goes through the district. (The production company) scouts the place to see whether or not it’s a good place and then they ask me if they can book it for however long they need to book it for.”

With that information in mind, Seth and I decided to try getting a closer look at the production, and maybe even see some celebrities. When we tried to snap a few pics and scout the area for better photo opportunities, the production company security team stared us down. I wonder why?

This is the actual sign we used to get the crew’s attention. It didn’t work.

We even held up a handmade sign  on our side of the fence to convince the production team that we came in peace.

Seth wanted to interview the production company security team to know more about the show but they didn’t want to comment and we did not want to get in trouble. We did hear that Seth Rogen was there, but we didn’t see him.

As our investigation came to an end, Seth said, “I just wanted to see Seth Rogen. We do share the same first name.”

Unfortunately, Seth Rogen was NOT available for comment.

Hailu, S. (2024, March 25). Seth Rogen’s Apple TV+ comedy “the studio” casts Catherine O’Hara, Kathryn Hahn, Bryan Cranston and more. Variety.

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Randy Laney, Co-Editor-In-Chief, Grizzly Tracks
Randy Laney an eighth grader at SMS.
Seth Paras
Seth Paras, Editor-In-Chief, The Grizzly Gazette
Seth Paras is an 8th grader at SMS Gifted Magnet. He umm ..... uh... wait umm ... hmmm ... he is an uhhhhh, kinda um ......, so like ......... he ummmmm, like uh........

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