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A Yearbook that’s “Beyond Words”

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SMS YB Staff
A sneak peak at a portion of the 2024 yearbook cover.

Sometimes just a simple photograph can communicate so many things and express our emotions. The 32 students in Ms. Vivado’s Yearbook / Journalism class chose “Beyond Words” as the theme for the Sepulveda Middle School 2024 yearbook because photographs can tell the story of our school.

Sabina Mora, Emelly Perlera work on tallying “8th Grade Superlatives” votes while Da’Lonna Pridgett, and Marlyn Osorio design yearbook pages. (Jonathan Rodriguez)


At SMS, the yearbook staff takes months to put together the yearbook. The purpose is to showcase school experiences that are memorable and meaningful to all of us. Students take thousands of photos for the yearbook. Not all of them make it into the yearbook, but the best ones always do. This year there are almost 2,000 photos in the yearbook over 88 pages. Our photos tell the story, a story “beyond words.”


Photos can communicate so many things. A simple smile can express a student’s happiness. Images of a hay ride, the Space Shuttle, or an art exhibit can remind us of exciting field trips we took with friends. Photos of concerts, dances, and weekend runs show us how great we are. Pages and pages of familiar faces will remind us of good times, hard work … and even zombies. (Remember “Zombie Walk at Pierson Walk” last November? Guess what? The whole thing is in the yearbook!)

Wayne Dela Cruz and Victor Ortiz design the 8th Grade pages. (Jonathan Rodriguez)


Yearbook adviser, Ms. Vivado explains, “This year the staff voted to highlight their awesome photography skills by choosing the theme “Beyond Words”. When you see the cover (of the yearbook) you immediately understand the theme. Originally, the students were assigned to capture ‘the spirit of our school’ using photography techniques they learned in class. It was supposed to be only practice, but that photo assignment back in September unexpectedly became our yearbook cover. Their vision of our school became our 2024 theme.”

Assistant Principal Mr. Press added, “I like the theme because yearbooks ARE more than just words, because words can’t always capture the energy and culture of our school.” 

One Question for “The Chiefs” –  What does the theme “Beyond Words” mean to you?

Randy Laney, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Grizzly Tracks, Volume 2: “It means we don’t need just words to describe our extraordinary students.”

Seth Paras, Editor-in-Chief of The Grizzly Gazette (and who also worked on the yearbook): “’Beyond Words’ mean that some

Ms. V’s Yearbook / Journalism class is also “Beyond Words.”

experiences are too good to be commemorated with only words.¨  

Mariah Garcia, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Grizzly Tracks, Volume 2: “It means that we are more than words can describe.” 


The students, faculty, and staff of Sepulveda ARE more than words can describe. We are Sepulveda Middle School, “Beyond Words.”

To preorder your 2024 yearbook, follow the link in our Breaking News banner above. Online presale ends on May 10th.
Yearbooks will be available for sale in the Student Store on or after May 24th.
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