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What Motivates Us To Come To School?

What motivates you?
What motivates us to come to school? Most people would say just because of their friends but no, there actually are more reasons. We interviewed people at SMS and asked them what motivated them to come to school each day and this is what they said. 

Nicolas Rosano, seventh grader says, “The reason I come mostly is because of my girlfriend, Stella. Another reason is also because some of my classes are fun like P.E. and Art.”

Many students are motivated to come to school because of elective classes like Art.

Jeffery Lopez, eighth grader says, “I come to see the fights and drama.” 

Joaquin Alejos, seventh grader says, “I come to school because it’s too boring by myself at home.”

Sabina Mora, eighth grader says, “The only reason I come to school is because I want to culminate, so I can go to high school and make my mom happy.” 

Jocelyn Sanchez, seventh grader says,”I come for the food and the snacks. The spicy chicken sandwich here is da bomb.”

Vilmer Hernandez, seventh grader says, “Myself and my homeboys motivate me to go to school.” 

Viri Solorzano, seventh grader says,”I am motivated to see my teachers and my friends.”                                                                                                                                      

Tiffany Boudoin, seventh grader says, “My motivation to come to school is to accomplish my goals in life.” 

Kyra Carreon, eighth grader says, “I come to see my friends and laugh with them.”

Melanie Campos, seventh grader says, “To be able to see my favorite teacher, Ms Campbell.” 

Mari Andrade, sixth grader says, “Things that motivate me to go to school are my friends”

P.E. is a popular motivation for coming to school.

Abz Sanchez, seventh grader says, “Ms. Vivado, because of her.”

Patrick Morales, sixth grader says, “I’m motivated to come to school because I get to play soccer in the yard.”

Alice Valance, seventh grader says, “I come to school to see my best friend.”

Fernando Mendez, seventh grader says, “Family. I am motivated by my family. They’ll get mad if I don’t go to school.”

So as you can see people have many different reasons why they  are motivated to come to school. It could be their friend or to achieve their goal but everyone has a motivation.

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Marlyn Osorio Caro, Staff Writer
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